We're hoping that random quirk of dialogue will turn out to be indicative of the general craziness of Far Cry 3's world. We tried to push it to its limits; we hang glided everywhere we could, but like we said before, hang-gliding directly to the top of a radio tower didn't work out very well. On the other hand, hang-gliding directly into an outpost and taking all those guys by surprise was a different story.

Swimming between islands (there's a series of smaller landmasses) to launch sneak attacks proved fruitful until we were attacked alternately by crocodiles and sharks. Sometimes, an objective will tell you to simply "get to point A," and you'll be left to decide how best to do so.

Combined with all those different skills and the game's general propensity for randomness ("Let's see what you've got, pussy!"), we're looking forward to simple experimenting and seeing what works—and what doesn't.