With Marvel NOW launching in just a few short weeks, the company is announcing all of the new titles and relaunches that will accompany this initiative. And courtesy of Newsarama, we finally have the details on the rebooted version of Thunderbolts that will come out later this year. The entire roster of this comic has been changed from its previous incarnations, and the team will now consist of Venom, Elektra, Deadpool, the Punisher, and the Red Hulk, who will be their leader.

In an interview with Newsarama, series editor Jordan D. White revealed some details on the book, “It's a new take, but one that is grounded in that original idea that has always been woven into the fabric of the series, the hero/villain dichotomy, and characters bridging the gap between them." He continued, "If you look at our roster, every one of our characters is a character who started out as a villain in their first appearances but who has, over the years, made the shift to hero... or at least antihero.”

This Thunderbolts series will be written by Daniel Way (Deadpool) and illustrated by Steve Dillon (The Punisher). What do you think of the new team? Be sure to let us know. 

Thunderbolts #1 will hit stores in December. Check out the debut cover below.

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[via Newsarama]