The Dark Knight Rises: Batman vs. Bane

We're bending the rules of the "sci-fi" category here a bit, but feel justified in doing so as Tom Hardy's Bane in this year's The Dark Knight Rises is as otherworldly as any creature on this list (with the possible exception of Peter Weller). As the fate of Gotham City (nay, the world!) hangs in the balance, Christian Bale's crime fighting caped crusader must come out of retirement to take on his most ferocious opponent to date. Hardy's Bane, hidden behind a mask for nearly every frame of the film, manages to be vividly menacing while only having a portion of his face visible. Much like The Joker in The Dark Knight, Bane's origins are left intentionally murky, making him that much more of an enigma (also aided by the fact that you have no clue what he's saying half the time).