The game plan: Network and watch the game at the same time.
Eating: "Charcuterie and cheese, because the assumption is that you may go on to dinner. Take a cue from one of your favorite restaurants. Upgrade from just grapes; use apple or pear if they're in season. Use Spanish almonds instead of traditional almonds; whole grain or Dijon mustard; different types of bread and textures; and different meat or cheese spreads."
Drinking: "If you know what your boss's favorite wine or spirit is, impress them with something they might not normally have along the same lines. Know them and know they’re preferences."
Words of wisdom: "Know what your serving and appear knowledgeable. Whether you’re entertaining colleagues, your boss, or prospective partners, it makes that person feel comfortable when you have a knowledge base outside of your field. It makes you a more well-rounded, interesting person."