The game plan: Managing your family members without losing your head.
Eating: "I love creating individual dips and spreads for the family. You fill disposable baking tins, (or votive candle holders, or mason jars, whatever) with hummus dip, or a layered bean dip. You can do the same thing with a crudité with Green Goddess dressing from your grocery store and it becomes a personal little crudité. It’s a fun concept so you don’t have a giant bowl that ends up being a colossal mess by the first quarter. Everyone has their own and they feel satisfied."
Drinking: "Something easy and fun, like frozen drinks made with Parrot Bay frozen pouches. Women love frozen drinks. If you want to be interactive, you can have a platter of fruit with skewers so you can make you own according to your preferences."
Words of wisdom:"Keep the kids removed from the television, so the giggling and screaming doesn’t distract from the game. Have some sports trivia, finger footballs, and fun mocktails. Kids drink juice boxes all day everyday. You can get a bunch of different types of sparkling soda, and have some different squeegee bottles of fruit flavors and then they get to play spin art and squeeze bottles into their drinks and make different concoctions."