Asthma is to blame for Lindsay Lohan's recent health scare.

The actress was hospitalized briefly on Monday following a weekend which saw her partying in Central Park and getting caught in a vicious torrential rain storm.

"Lindsay had not been feeling well all last week following a week of high pollen counts in New York," Dina Lohan says. "She has had bronchial asthma ever since she was little."

Dina reportedly brought Lindsay to Mount Sinai Medical Center's emergency room, then brought her home.

"She's at Dina's home now, resting," says a source. "Her mother is keeping a close eye on her. She's safe."

As for why Dina took such extreme measures, perhaps it's because her asthma is just that bad.

“She’s fine, but she had a bad case of asthma as a kid, so she has to take these things seriously,” her father Michael Lohan says. “When she was a kid, we almost lost her a couple of times because of the asthma.”

[via NY Daily News]