Sex partner: Gerard Piqué
Year it leaked: 2012

In late August, a couple formerly employed by Shakira came forward saying that they had in their sweaty little hands a 15-minute video of the Colombian hottie getting down with Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué. It seems that a tape of someone having sex exists, and is being shopped around at this very moment, but the one impartial person, a Barcelona talent agent, who has seen it isn't sure it's legit. "The video lasts about 15 minutes," he told Interviu, according to UPI. "I guess it's recorded with a mobile phone by an employee who was in the cockpit of the boat." He added that he can't tell whether it's Shakira, saying "I thought that it had been edited."

If true, this one stretches the definition of "sex tape" a bit. After all, the vast majority of the people on this list knowingly taped themselves. Calling this a "sex tape" given the term's usual meaning would be a little bit like calling the Erin Andrews peeping-tom videos "nude modeling." Regardless, Shakira and Pique have bigger fish to fry—fish in the form of a bun in the oven. On Wednesday, September 19, Shakira announced she's pregnant with Pique's baby.

Real or fake?: TBD