The casualty: director Michael Powell

As they say, time heals all wounds; it's just too bad that the late filmmaker Michael Powell wasn't alive long enough to fully feel the love. In 1960, the accomplished British director, known for adored pictures like 49th Parallel (1941) and The Red Shoes (1948), took a serious creative risk by directing the disturbing horror film Peeping Tom, a daring look at a voyeuristic serial killer that was phenomenally ahead of its time. Film critics contemporaries working in the United Kingdom didn't think so, viciously attacking not only the film but Powell himself for making what they considered to be a vile piece of misogynistic and degraded work.

Following the Peeping Tom backlash, Powell's career in the UK was ruined. If only people back in '60 realized what horror fans know today—that it's an exceptional exercise in suspenseful shock cinema—the genre could've had more Powell-directed, exemplary entries.