Though the opening scenes of The Walking Dead's season two premiere officially took place some time after the end of season one's massive CDC building explosion in Atlanta, originally, that wasn't supposed to be the case. Plans for the premiere of the AMC show's second season actually had the episode beginning only moments after the explosion, with the group still in Atlanta and surrounded by a hoard of zombies. What was supposed to follow was a string of intense scenes which include Shane finding himself detached from the group and facing a hoard of zombies alone, and the group trying to seek shelter at a nursing home that's surrounded by zombies - amongst other scenes.

Luckily for us, that scene along with a few other sequences featuring the group attempting to escape from Atlanta that were cut from the episode will be featured on the season two DVD, which is due out on August 28th, along with a "very candid commentary" by showrunner Glen Mazzara that explains why the scenes were trashed.

To tide you over until then, Entertainment Weekly got their hands on this one deleted scene, featuring the group doing what they do best - killing zombies - which can be viewed above.

[via EW]