Mickey Rourke had a slew of successful acting jobs in the '80s (The Pope of Greenwich Village, 9 ½ Weeks, and Barfly), and his career slump was actually self-induced. Rourke gave up acting in 1991 because he, reportedly, had no respect for himself as an actor. He instead took up professional boxing, a sport in which he had competed as a teenage amateur, and fought to a 6-0-2 record.

It wasn’t without price, though. Rourke suffered a lot of injuries, which left him requiring surgery by the time he retired in 1995 and intended on returning to acting. He underwent reconstructive procedures for a compressed cheekbone, but the surgery was botched and it left him slightly disfigured, facially. He made his film comeback in 2005’s Sin City, but it wasn’t until he flexed his dramatic muscles starring in Darren Aronofsky’s highly-regarded The Wrestler, in 2008, that he experienced real career resurgence as both a serious actor and brooding action star.