Does the world need another video game console? Can an independent console co-exist with the heavyweights? When Yves Behar introduced his Linux-powered Ouya gaming console, a lot of people said no. But numbers don't lie. In less than a month, the Ouya project managed to raise $8,596,475 from over 60,000 backers. Not bad considering its goal was only $950,000. 

Now that it's funded, Behar and his team are hitting the ground running. If you want to secure your Ouya, you can pre-order one starting today for $109 in the U.S., and $119 everywhere else. The bundle comes with the console and one controller. The company says those who pre-order a console can expect delivery in April 2013. 

Maybe it's going to survive after all. 

[via The Verge]