I know that Nintendo's fan base is a healthy mix of nostalgia hungry grown ups, kids, and family gamers. With the forthcoming release of the Wii U, Nintendo is hoping to lure some of the more dedicated hardcore and casual gamers away from Microsoft and Sony with more 'serious' titles.

Knowing that, are these photos an accurate gauge of how the Wii U plans to box and market their next gen console releases? Like vinyl cover art of days gone by, while we still have tangible non-digital copies to play, we are going to have to look at, and hopefully enjoy cover art. These images came from the Canadian Amazon site and they look, like most things Nintendo, brightly colored and easily recognizable. 

It may seem trivial, but things like this matter to a consumer base obsessed with the tiniest details. Is it just me or is there a serious Game Cube vibe going on with these covers as well?

 Via:Amazon Canada’s website