Though it was previously reported that Sony had informed all those affiliated with Community to explain Dan Harmon's ousting from the series as something "they were not consulted on" and knew nothing about, in an interview with Vulture, series star Yvette Nicole Brown went a little off script on the subject - and she'd like everyone to know that Harmon is "doing fine."

"I saw Dan at an art show not too long ago. We had a great conversation," Brown said in response to a question about whether or not she'd seen Harmon recently. "He said, "If anybody asks about me, make sure they know I'm okay." There's this perception that they put Dan in a box and shipped him to Siberia. The last time I looked, he just sold his third show. Dan is doing fine! He's okay. He's happy he created a great show that has a great legacy."

Additionally, Brown added that Harmon's abrupt departure was "a business decision" that was made, and the series will be moving forward smoothly. "We all still keep in touch with him, she continued. "He hasn't been ostracized and left to die somewhere in the wilderness. He's still a part of the family."

Community will begin filming its fourth season on August 13th.

[via Vulture]