Not all Republicans are behind Mitt Romney. Steven Showers, a registered member of the GOP, placed a 14-foot neon sign in front of his Newbury Park, CA, last week that read "SAVE THE GOP" and "ROMNEY'S RACIST HEART DOTCOM." It's an impressive work of art and shows dedication to both his cause and pissing neighbors off.

Showers believes that Romney's Mormon beliefs will ruin the Republican party, saying he was "stunned to find out that the Mormon religion is a white supremacist, anti-black, racist ideology." Showers also told the Ventura County Star that Mormons believe that "their God gave black skin to people as a curse for a degenerate character."

Showers designed the sign and built the structure himself, and installation cost him $2,000. He's selling smaller versions on his website for $800. Meanwhile, county officials have given him one month to fall in line with zoning restrictions. He's still trying to reach some sort of agreement.

[via LAist]