Annoying precocious children, Hall & Oates music, Zooey Deschael being...Zoey Deschanel—the (500) Days of Summer trailer was bound to make eyes roll with its generic indie-com vibe. The actual movie, however, is far from what it seems.

Those who decided against their better instincts to go and check it out were rewarded with a thoughtful, original dramedy that, weirdly enough, amidst 95 minutes of Ikea trips, spontaneous dance numbers, awkward sex scenes, and an uncharacteristically mopey Joseph Gordon-Levitt, accurately captures what it's like to fall in and out of love, bringing the audience along for the ride and compelling them to relive some of their own triumphs and fails. The result: a story that lingers long after the viewing.

Just be warned: the Expectation vs. Reality split screen will make you want to kill yourself.