Manhattan's Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel is the destination for the Summer Series pool party every Sunday, and while it's loved by patrons, it's become a thorn in the side of neighbors. Hundreds of drunk thrill-seekers partying the day away from 3:30 p.m. until about 9 p.m. means  folks looking to enjoy a peaceful sabbath are shit out of luck. 

According to 49-year-old (read: super old) Mary Ellen Maher, it's "like South Beach"; her windows virbate and move with the bass (read: super bass). Last weekend, a reported 300 people showed up, and there was a line with hundreds more trying to get in wrapped around the corner. A sign near the pool says it holds 66 people, which is 12 over the maximum capacity for the area as outlined by NYC's Building Departments.

Even the young people are pissed off by the party. 24-year-old Greg Housset, whose apartment overlooks the swimming pool, says he tries "not to be home on Sundays." We understand the noise-factor, but, son, you're really pissed off at a great view of dancing women in bikinis having fun? 

Consider the fact that the hotel charges $2,750 for a bottle of Cliquot, and you know they're making that bread.

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[via Daily Mail UK]