OK, so his hot wife just left him 'cause he's crazy and believes in an even crazier religion. Shit sucks. But here's the silver lining to Tom Cruise's super bad week - apparently, according to Forbes, he is the highest paid actor of 2012! And, due to a prenup agreement that his soon-to-be ex-wife Katie Holmes signed prior to their marriage, he gets to keep all of it. 

As for how much Cruise earned last year, it's estimated to be about $75 million. That's much more than the other highest paid actors on the list - Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler with about $37 million each - and way more than the highest paid actress of 2012, Kristen Stewart, who earned about $34.5 million.

It's sort of painful knowing that about half of that is going to go to the Church of Scientology, isn't it?

[via Vulture]