Tom Cruise is the Highest Paid Actor of 2012

Tom Cruise is the Highest Paid Actor of 2012

OK, so his hot wife just left him 'cause he's crazy and believes in an even crazier religion. Shit sucks. But here's the silver lining to Tom Cruise's super bad week - apparently, according to Forbes, he is the highest paid actor of 2012! And, due to a prenup agreement that his soon-to-be ex-wife Katie Holmes signed prior to their marriage, he gets to keep all of it. 

As for how much Cruise earned last year, it's estimated to be about $75 million. That's much more than the other highest paid actors on the list - Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler with about $37 million each - and way more than the highest paid actress of 2012, Kristen Stewart, who earned about $34.5 million.

It's sort of painful knowing that about half of that is going to go to the Church of Scientology, isn't it?

[via Vulture]

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