THQ has held their stock price over $1/share for ten consecutive business days, and NASDAQ has notified the company is no longer at risk of being delisted from the stock exchange.

THQ has been under threat of delisting since January, at which point their stock had been trading under a dollar for almost two months. In order to pull their stock price up to an acceptable level, the company has dropped new IPs, hired a new CEO, and, most importantly, reverse-split their stock ten-to-one.

According to Joystiq, THQ is currently valued at 35.4 million dollars, and their stock is trading at $5.16/share. The price has dipped slightly since the reverse-split, which raised the stock price from $.62 to $6.20.

THQ's next game is Darksiders 2, which hits store shelves August 14th.

[Via Joystiq]