Writer: Jonathan Ross
Artist: Bryan Hitch

In the near future, the world has basically bent over for corporate sponsors. Nearly everything is backed by some faceless conglomerate, even the superheroes. And on the highly-successful reality show America’s Got Powers, super-powered teens battle it out for the amusement of a bloodthirsty nation. Forget about keeping the streets safe; the only job these heroes need to think about is keeping the wallets of their bosses nice and fat.

Writer Jonathan Ross is bringing scathing social commentary back to the comic book business as this title absolutely eviscerates the world in which we live. He perfectly captures the sleazy TV and advertising executives that rule our media, and we're loving every page of it. When one of these teens dies on national TV, it’s treated as good publicity for an audience that enjoys their violence almost as much as they love the soda and hot dogs they’re shoving down their throats.

But then there's the story of young Tommy Watts, a super-powered teen who truly appreciates his gifts. He doesn’t care about the fame or fortune that come with it at first, but there's no telling how long that naivety will last in this corporate paradise.

America's Got Powers isn’t just well written; it’s also filled with some terrific, cinematic art by Bryan Hitch. Free from the stressful schedules over at Marvel, Hitch seems to have found a groove in the indie scene, and he’s currently pumping out some of his best work in years.