According to Vulture, former Lost co-showrunner Carlton Cuse has been hired by New Line Cinema to pen a new 3D disaster film that's sure to make Roland Emmerich jealous, called San Andreas: 3D. Apparently, it will take place in California post-gigantic earthquake (as expected, considering the San Andreas fault line runs the length of practically the whole state), and will follow the "treacherous journey" of one man who attempts to cross the state to find his estranged daughter. 

All things considered, it's actually a fairly accurate concept for a film - if you're not aware, in the event of a massive quake in Cali along that particular fault line, the aftermath could very well be devastating as hell. Plus, with Cuse writing this, there'll probably be some weird, secret earthquake monster that we won't find out any answers about until the very end of the movie and even then we'll leave the theater not knowing what the fuck just happened. Ah, nostalgia.

[via Vulture]