Dishonored, the upcoming first-person assassination simulator from Arkane Studios and Bethesda, puts an emphasis on players coming up with their own solutions to problems in the game using an array of versatile skills. This new interactive trailer gives you taste of that freedom by allowing you to pick the best way to escape from the scene of a mission, while avoiding detection.

In trailer, protagonist Corso can use three different tactics to get away: First, Corso can use his short-range teleport ability, "blink",  to make a series of long jumps from balcony to rooftop until he gets away. Second, Corso can briefly stop time and tranquilize all of the guards after him, allowing him to get away clean. Last, Corso can possess one of his pursuers, walk out of immediate danger, then possess another to get away.

You can take full control of Corso and his crazy powers when Dishonored hits stores October 9th.