People really have to chill out with the bath salts. A 21-year-old man was arrested this week in Gwinnett County, Ga., after trying to fight a cop and feasting on his own feces. A woman called the police saying that her son, Matthew Hammond, was "walking around out of his mind, armed with a knife." 

When the officer arrived, Hammond attacked his vehicle, attempting to rip the locked doors open. The officer drew his weapon and ordered Hammond to drop the knife, and he obliged, but then challenged him to a fight.

Hammond was eventually arrested, but continued behaving ridiculously in custody, speaking gibberish and quoting the phrase "I put that [expletive] on everything" from a hot sauce commercial. That's when the officer noticed Hammond's breath, which was a special type of foul. Like, "I actually ate shit" foul. Closer inspection revealed what appeared to be feces on Hammond's lips and teeth. 

After a stop at jail, he was taken to the hospital, where he admitted to smoking weed, drinking alcohol and snorting "a lot" of bath salts. When asked about the knife, he told police "Yo, somebody was about to get stabbed."

Hammond was taken back to jail and charged with felony obstruction and disorderly conduct. This is the second time this week that bath salts have been an issue in Gwinnett, as a naked man attacked police at a golf course while rambling about Biggie and 'Pac.

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[via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]