At its WWDC conference earlier this month, many predicted that Apple would announce a new app platform for Apple TV. While Tim Cook and co. didn't deliver on that particular prediction, that hasn't dissuaded industry prognosticators from forecasting apps on Apple TV as the future of Apple's home entertainment prospects.

Getting a jump on that future, the Web video company Brightcove has unveiled a new platform called App Cloud, which enables a new class of iOS apps designed to work in concert with your TV set. Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire calls these "dual screen" apps, and in the above video he demonstrates how they could allow you to use your iPad (and, theoretically, iPhone) to display contextual data and menu options while simultaneously streaming video and other content meant for the big screen to your TV via AirPlay.

It's an interesting and compelling look at one possible future for Apple's promising little black box.

[via AllThingsD]