Here’s a warning: No matter how politely you ask someone to stop giving head right in front of you, they just might snap and punch you in the face. A California woman experienced this, all while trying to enjoy a Cirque Du Soleil show last month.

According to the woman, she noticed another a patron shamelessly blowing a man in a nearby seat, and asked them to chill. The interrupted couple got pissed off, and after allegedly saying, “You can take her, babe. I got your back,” the dude held the victim down while the fellater punched her square in the face.

Oddly enough, the horny duo were Border Patrol agents Kallie Helwig and Gerald Torello, Jr., and their employer is considering this little incident a bit of a black eye on their reputations. Both have been placed on leave, where they’re free to spend the day acrobatically pleasing each other.

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[via LAist]

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