Cloudberry Kingdom may well in fact be the hardest platformer ever, but only if you want it to be.

The game will be exactly as difficult as you (or the AI) make it. It's built on a custom engine that procedurally generates each level based on a detailed and specific set of parameters, effectively creating any type of level for any skill set and any character or player imaginable.

That's the idea, at least.

The AI will reportedly be able to learn and react to your playing style, and the dev team at Pwnee Studios promises to continue adding more elements post-launch.

Speaking of which, you can head to Kickstarter to contribute to the game's finishing touches. The studio has informed us that they're in talks to get the game released on XBLA, PSN, WiiWare and Steam, but right now they need an extra push.

Check out the video above—those levels look impossibly difficult, but the game will likely be able to scale to any difficulty you set for it.

Randomly generated games have been relegated to bite-sized iOS titles lately. Do you think there's a space for Cloudberry Kingdom on consoles and PC? What do you think of the concept? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.