After years of being defeated and humiliated by Captain America and the Avengers, Baron Zemo decided to reunite the Master of Evil for one final assault on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. There's no posturing or long, boisterous rants in this one. Zemo and crew simply march into the Avengers' mansion when they’re not around, tie up their loyal butler, Jarvis, and basically take over the whole place.

Then the action really starts as one-by-one each member of the Avengers is taken down by the Masters of Evil until Cap and Thor get involved in the ruckus. That’s when things get downright nasty. Nearly every panel of this story is filled to the brim with bombastic fight scenes and four-colored mayhem as the greatest heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe pound on each other until only one is left standing.

In the end, the Masters of Evil are defeated, but Captain America is left to grieve over the personal belongings that the group destroyed while running amok through the mansion. It’s a solemn moment as a man from another time comes to grips with all he has lost.