Drunk off of YOLO, 45-year-old New Jersey man was arrested for his fourth DUI in five weeks. Police in Vineland, N.J., spotted Anderson Sotomayor driving the wrong way down a one-way street before hitting a curb and driving off the street around 1:41 a.m. Saturday morning.

Not exactly a quick learner, Sotomayor was also slapped with DUIs on April 9, 11, and 25. On April 2, he was issued five summonses, not including drunken driving, for swerving around a school bus as it unloaded children. He proceeded to hit a stop sign and another car before fleeing the scene.

There’s no way this dude still had a driver’s license in his possession, but how they hell did he stay out of jail after arrest number two? We’ll tell you this much: He’s not going to have the opportunity to rack up arrest number five by the end of the month.

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[via Philly.com]

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