Up until now, the only shots that we have seen of the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man have been quick flashes during the movie's last trailer. Now, iTunes has released some crystal clear pictures of Dr. Curt Connors' scaly alter-ego in preparation for the movie's new trailer that will debut later on today.

In the first picture, we see the Lizard's perfectly-crafted CGI hand holding on to a camera labeled "Property of Peter Parker." Presumably, Parker was using this camera to take pictures of himself as Spider-Man to earn a little spending money for fighting crime.

But the second image is the one that should have most fans talking because it shows the Lizard in his classic lab coat  from the comics. In every bit of footage that we have seen from the movie so far, the Lizard has been disappointingly nude, and most comic book fans cried foul over the lack of his trademark coat. Well, here it is. It probably only appears in this one scene, but it should certainly calm down some of those raging fanboys.

[via iTunes