Microsoft sure has been filing a lot of Xbox controller patents lately, huh? First they trademarked a wearable motion controller, now they're giving the traditional Xbox controller a next-gen overhaul.

According to Engadget, Microsoft's new Xbox controller looks very similar to the current Xbox 360 controller, but it has one fancy new feature: The controller will able to tell who's holding it. The sides of the new controller will have pressure sensors, and will be able to register a player's signature grip based on how they hold it.

Unlike most biometric technology, which is used for security, adding biometrics to the controller will allow the Xbox 360 (or Durango?) to pull up player-specific content, most likely ads. 

With E3 so close, it'll interesting whether or not we'll get to see the new controller in action. If it's not there, which seems more likely, it's possible that this could very well be a next-generation Xbox controller.

[From USPTO via Engadget]