When a Dark Shadows movie was first announced, the loyal fans of the original show waited with great anticipation to view the first trailer from the Tim Burton directed flick. But what Burton wound up creating was something much different than most people expected. You see, before Twilight hit it big, Dark Shadows was the original vampire soap opera. The show had a loyal cult following that helped it stay on the air for over 1,200 episodes as people were glued to their TV sets waiting to see what type of mischief Barnabas Collins got himself into that week.

But much like The Brady Bunch movies did back in the ‘90s, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows adaptation is a spoof of the original show. This is a satirical take on the residents of Collinwood, and while it might ruffle the feathers of some longtime fans, it appeals more to the general public.

If you want to know more about the characters before the movie comes out next Friday, then check out this new featurette, courtesy of Yahoo. 

[via Yahoo!]