Ubisoft confirmed recent rumors today that they're developing Avengers: Battle for Earth, which will be out this fall on Xbox 360 and Wii U.

I know what you're thinking: "That seems like a long time to wait for a game based on a movie, doesn't it?" You're right. It would be, if the game was actually connected to the film. The game's plot will be derived from the comic's "Secret Invasion" storyline which, as you might guess, also revolves around a race of menacing aliens trying to take over the planet.

That said, the game will include all of the characters from the movie, along with a few more Marvel heroes: Ubisoft says that, all told, there will be about 20 playable characters.

Mechanically, the game will entirely motion-controlled - Utilizing either the Kinect or the Wii U's own gesture-based controls. 

The release window, fall, also narrows down the release date for the Wii U. Nintendo's next console has been a planned 2012 release, though no more information than that has come to life. The announcement also gives credence to the rumored Wii U launch lineup, which featured a vaguely titled "Marvel Super Heroes" game.