Despite all the tech changes in film, one thing has remained remarkably analog: The movie poster.

If you want people to see your flick, you'd better have a good poster. Got a sexy movie? Let them know with exposed female flesh, long legs, abundant cleavage and un-subtle innuendo. If your movie isn't sexy, or perhaps sexy but not very good, that's all the more reason to entice crowds to see it with a risqué one-sheet. It is best, of course, when the movie lives up to the tease, whether it's Pam Grier as Coffy, bevies of Bond babes, or Anne Bancroft's MILF-y leg intimidating poor collegian Dustin Hoffman. But even Pamela Anderson's Barb Wire and Halle Berry's Catwoman are nice to look at, in poster form, at least.

Our list spans the genres: From Hollywood classics to modern-day comic-book adaptations; soft-focus erotica to raunchy 80s sex comedies; blaxploitation to general European debauchery. It's all about putting butts in seats, and if it takes a little T&A to reach that goal, so be it.

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