Jackson, Tenn., High school senior Texanna Edwards was denied entry from Gibson County High’s Senior Prom last Saturday because of her dress. As you can see, the knee-length ensemble bears a striking resemblance to the Confederate flag.

According to school officials, Edwards was warned roughly two months ago that the dress might be a bad look in more ways than one. Edwards says only one teacher at the school had an issue with her dress, and rejected an offer to go home and change her dress once denied entry. According to her mother, $500 of preparation went into her appearance.

Edwards said that during her time at the school, she had had seen other students wear rebel flag-inspired clothing without harassment. The dress was a poor decision on multiple levels, but what’s really good with the flip-flops? We hope she didn’t show up at the door with those on.

Did she save the dress for Confederate Memorial Day?

[via USA Today]

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