Airport security frustrates everyone. We all know how much of a hassle it can be, especially if the TSA agents are anywhere near as aggravated with you as you might be with them. But, we also know the importance and necessity of the TSA and understand (to a degree) the current state of airport security.

The most recent TSA controversy, however, has some people (rightfully) wondering what kind of Twilight Zone world we're living in. At JFK International Airport in New York the Frank family was going through security when there was a discussion over the way their daughter had been screened. Dina is 7-years-old and has cerebral palsy. Because of her crutches and leg braces she cannot go through the conventional screening process with the metal detector.

Normally, she gets patted down and everything proceeds as smoothly as possible (the process itself is frightening, more so for a child). This time, however, TSA agents were unusually aggressive and argumentative with Dina's father. At a certain point, a supervisor deemed the search of Dina's crutches acceptable and let the family move on to their gate. 

An hour later, while at the gate, TSA agents reappeared claiming that Dina had not been properly screened. They then insisted that the family return to the security area to be screened, which resulted in the family missing their flight.

TSA agents have a hard job, we're sure. There are thousands of regulations to adhere to, unruly and awful people all day long, and plenty of stress. As annoyed as we get with the process, they also keep us safe. But where do we draw a line? This extreme example, among others, offers a window into an organization that appears deeply flawed and disconnected.

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