The Kickstarter for the game Ron Paul: Road To REVOlution has reached almost $10,000 in funding, and even MSNBC's tech blog has taken notice. But not everyone is on the bandwagon, it seems.

Something Awful has pointed out that many of the game's assets appear to be lifted directly from Nintendo games, including a crowd of people straight from SNES classic Earthbound, as well as the titular character himself—Ron Paul's sprite seems like a blatant re-skinning of Nintendo's classic Waluigi character.

It would be one thing if the game was attempting to parody Nintendo's classics, but given the creator's own description of his project, it's clearly not: "The game is full of original artwork and gameplay mechanics. Indie Game Development at its finest, the game is designed, programmed, conceived, and produced by me, D.S. Williams," he writes.

Besides the allegedly ripped-off art, the entire game is apparently being developed using a cookie-cutter tutorial at Or so it seems.

These accusations are coming from one source, so until Williams either refutes them or admits his wrongdoings, we won't really be sure what's going on.

But it does highlight something that must be in the thoughts of anyone who's donated to a gaming Kickstarter recently: are you really getting what you're paying for? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.