As you may have seen earlier this week, Stephanie Eisner's "political" cartoon about the murder of Trayvon Martin has stirred up a serious amount of controversy on the web. Both the editorial board of the paper, The Daily Texan, and Ms. Eisner have since apologized. Not surprisingly, that hasn't exactly quieted everything down. In their apology, however, The Daily Texan note that Ms. Eisner is no longer working for the paper. If we had to bet, this isn't the last we will hear about Ms. Eisner or her misguided (racist, unfortunate, foolish, et cetera) attempted commentary. Still, it is nice to know that you can't be that kind of racist and have it go unnoticed. Sadly, as for the impetus for the cartoon in the first place, the same cannot be said.

[via Gawker]