Google sells ads in apps, in browsers, etc. determined by what sites you visit, games you play, etc. The difference between how they attack you with ads on a computer versus a mobile device isn’t much, save for a few GPS, location-based tweaks in consideration of the mobile experience. 

But how else could Google enhance their ability to sell ads to you on mobile devices? The actual phone part. Like hearing what you say.

Four years ago, Google filed a patent for sensors in their phones analyzing users’ environments via indicators such as temperature, humidity, and sound. In essence, if you were talking on the phone outside in the cold, Google would know to pimp out space heaters to you. If you were at a Lana Del Rey concert, ear plugs and a Red Bull. And so on.

Well, the patents have been finally been granted and Google has access to hear everything you say, though you can opt out of the tracking. Shouldn’t it be opt-in first?

[via The Smoking Section via The Atlantic]