Rumors that Prey 2, the unlikely sequel to a first person shooter from the early days of the Xbox 360, has been cancelled have been spreading across the internet since a European games site asserted that the game may be cancelled yesterday. 

Talk of the possible cancellation began when Dutch gaming site PS Focus reported that Prey 2 has been largely abandoned by Bethesda and developer Human Head. According to the report, Bethesda will make a statement confirming the cancellation some time next week.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bethesda's parent companyZenimax, forced Human Head to cancel their panel at GDC at the last minute. Though it's not exactly tangible evidence, the cancellation does help give the rumor the ring of truth.

For the moment, why Prey 2 would be cancelled remains a mystery. Despite the IP's middling pedigree, the game made waves when it was shown at E3 last year. The game's new open-world format and dark sci-fi setting had earned the game a lot of critical goodwill. According to Bethesda's last reports, the game was on track to see a 2012 release.

As of this morning, Bethesda has refused to comment on Prey 2's status, according to multiple outlets.

Do you think Prey 2 is dead in the water? Give us your conspiracy theories in the comments!

[Via PS Focus]