According to Fox News, LulzSec leader Sabu is unemployed 28-year-old Lower East Side native Hector Monsegur. Arrested last June on hacking charges, he’s been “collaborating with the government” for the past nine months, working daily out of FBI offices. His cooperation led to numerous arrests of LulzSec and Anonymous members around the world.

Anonymous responded to the news via Twitter yesterday, writing “#Anonymous Is an idea, not a group. There is no leader, there is no head. It will survive, before, during, and after this time.”

Sabu reportedly flipped on his fellow hackers because of his kids. “He didn’t want to go away to prison and leave them,” an unidentified law enforcement official told Fox News. “That’s how we got him.” 

The notion contradicts previous statements from Sabu, who told Gawker last fall, “I come from the streets. I’m not scared of jail.” At the time, he castigated his underlings’ inability to deal with the prospect of getting caught, though it appears now to be all smoke and mirrors to deflect from his own standing with the Feds. 

“They’re little kids, they’re nerds,” he said of other LulzSec members. “They’re not from the streets. They’re not prepared for [jail].”

In fact, he even accused other hackers of turning informant. “That little f****t is from Tennessee,” he said, sounding out a rival hacker. “Out there straight up getting immunity for snitching n****s out.”

[via Fox News via Gawker and Gizmodo]