Like the rest of the Internet, Taiwanese animators have their own take on the now widely-dissected Twitter rant of Kanye West, in which he unleashed over 70 tweets covering many important topics—namely the significance of Grammy nominations (very little), the possibility of a Jetsons movie (apparently we're not the only ones who are wild for Judy) and most intriguingly, his plans for a new all-encompassing business called DONDA.

We're still not sure what exactly DONDA entails, or where Yeezy got his sudden inspiration from, but according to the animators at NMA, it went something like this:

1. Kanye "makes it rain" on the world with his tweet-spree, causing minor injuries.

2. He sits in an arm chair at 4 a.m., fully decked-out in red (Kanye does not wear pajamas. He sleeps in three-piece-suits) and puts on his thinking cap. It is literally a metal cap from which he receives plentiful epiphanies.

3. Kanye recieves a golden scroll from the ghost of Steve Jobs laying out the plans for Donda.

4. He acts as a drill sergeant for DONDA, trapping his most intelligent employees in idea-stealing capsules and chaining them to the premises. He also laments about lack of productivity and ocassionally rewards a good work ethic with an impressive piece of bling.

5. He teaches children important things, mostly concerning how our government is made up of racists (the video's implication, not ours.)

6. Kanye becomes the new leader of North Korea, successfully replacing Kim Jong-il.

Not shown: Kanye sleeping, because he doesn't. Ever.

[via Vulture]