If you thought oversexed stars were a uniquely modern epidemic, this new supercut of the now dubiously-innocent show The Jetsons, is here to change your mind. 

In this new and superbly titled mash-up Judy Jetson Loves Dudes, you see 16 year old Judy Jetson run through an impressively-lengthy list of the space boys she's did the dirty with (well, presumably), including dozens of intergalactic Romeos with questionable handles like Buddy Blastoff, Vinny Van-Go-Go, Bobbo Crushstar and Harvey Sonicblast.

For the first time, we see that Ms. Jetson is far from discriminating when it came to sharing the love, getting overly-animated about "what a hunk [her] cousin is" (ooh, cartoon taboo!) and even flirting with Henry the (much older) repairman.

But our once uncorrupted opinion of Judy is forever lost at the 2:18-2:25 mark, where she makes a hussy of herself during eight sexy seconds of moaning and groaning in breathy cacophony that puts modern sex kittens like Britney and Ke$ha to shame.

Who are we kidding? We've never wanted to space smash, or as Judy would say "swizzle a little sizzle", so badly.

[Via AV Club]