I know we're a few days past, but some of us may still be taking our Holiday breaks, and for that, another Christmas post would not be out of order.

This was a great Christmas for me, as my family finally figured out how to view my Amazon wish list. For that, I ended up with gifts that I faintly remember wanting 5 years ago. And stuff that I added 5 weeks ago, which is probably why I have every Persona game available now. It was great, and full of surprises.

However, my roommates and I had a big meal and gift-giving separate from all of that, and that's where this guy came from. Everyone knew about this thing, but me [obviously], and it was great for all of us to see him finished. I won't get into any detail about where everything came from, because it's what really makes it special. He's what made this piece of news relevant to all of you, and I hope all of you were lucky enough to receive gifts as thoughtful as these this year.

My best friend Joe put this together, and it means the world to me. Thank You, Joe. And Thank You to my family and friends, I love you and care about you all very much.