THQ has dropped a wealth of new information about it's latest UFC title, UFC Undisputed 3, which will be released on February 14th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

UFC Undisputed 3 will be host to a ton of great gameplay features:

LESS MANAGEMENT AND MORE FIGHTING: UFC Undisputed 3 is about getting players into the action more quickly.  A new automated point allocation system and the removal of Stat Decay means having to spend less time managing your stats.  Also, less time for training makes the routine more imperative if he wants to be an all-around fighter.

FIGHTER BACKGROUNDS AND IMPROVED INITIAL STATS: Players will  choose their fighter’s background, which provides different starting stats and move sets. Additionally, fighters start out with much higher stats than previous games, allowing them to build more well-rounded and complete fighters than before.

TRAINING DRILLS: 14 new training/sparring games allow players to practice every element of gameplay to get better.

REAL WORLD CAMPS: Players will travel to six different real world training camps, like Greg Jackson’s, American Top Team and Wolfslair MMA Academy.  They can also join and represent a real world camp during their career, and the camp’s trainer will become the player’s trainer and corner him during his fights.

MULTIPLE ORGANIZATIONS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS: In UFC Undisputed 3, players will compete in three different organizations: WFA, UFC and PRIDE Tournaments.  Players start in the WFA and must capture and defend the WFA title before moving to the UFC.  From there, they can compete in and win PRIDE tournament championships, as well as the UFC Championship.

MORE WEIGHT CLASS SWITCHING: Players have more opportunities to switch weight classes in UFC Undisputed 3.  They will compete in single one-off fights in a new division, switch after cleaning out a division, or, if they’re struggling in one division, switch divisions to try and turn things around.

CAREER LIVE MOVIES: UFC Undisputed 3 creates the in-game cutscenes in career mode with real fight footage, backstage footage and exclusive interviews with UFC's top fighters.  The videos in career mode will be a window into what UFC fighters endure through their careers.  When a player has their first professional fight, they will hear fighters talk about what their first professional fight was like. The same thing happens when you get a title shot, win a champaionship, and so forth. With several variants of these types of videos, players will be able to unlock tons of additional videos on multiple play throughs.

The new development video, which runs through some of these features, has an extensive interview with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

It certainly appears from everything here that UFC Undisputed 3 is going to have a more in-depth approach at forming your own character and running them through the wringer. If things are as good as they look, then the overall package here can be one of the most engaging of any UFC title.

Once again, UFC Undisputed 3 is coming out on February 14th, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Can't wait.