Uncharted: Golden Abyss is one of the most highly anticipated PS Vita launch games, and we've no doubt it'll make the most out of Sony's new handheld—it had better. How else are they going to show us what the damn thing's capable of? To that end, an interesting article over at Games Radar breaks down 27 ways the game uses the Vita's unique functions, including the gyroscope, camera, touch screen, and backside touch pad.

Some of the better ones apparently include using the gyro controls to line up headshots, exposing it to light (via the back camera) to reveal what's on an old piece of parchment, and throwing grenades by dragging and dropping on the touch screen.

On the other hand, some uses we're anticipating we won't be too keen on are gyroscope motion balancing and what will no doubt be an extravagant number of quick-time events—though, granted, they'll be touch screen quick-time events. Honestly, that's got to be just as bad.

But we aren't going to let any of that dampen our excitement for Golden Abyss; if it's anything like the PS3's Uncharted titles, it'll be a real system seller. What about you? Do all these unique control ideas turn you off to the game or make you want it even more? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.