Every gamer with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has wished the damn thing had buttons at one time or another, but so far there hasn't been a great solution; the iCade for iPad is one, but that still leaves iPhone users in the dust.

One possibility lies in the Gametel controller peripheral, previously available only for Android but now compatible with iOS as well. It's got four buttons, a D-pad, start and select, and shoulder buttons. Perfect, right?

Well, for now, it's only compatible with a handful of games, including Silverfish, Super Crossfire HD, Terra Noctis, and titles from Atari's Greatest Hits collection. The retro games included there should work especially well with the Gametel.

Is there still interest in make the iPhone into a full-on gaming device, or have we generally accepted it for what it is? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.