If you're like us and depend on more than one Google account to get through the day, the newest version Chrome is a godsend. Google's browser finally allows users to keep more than one Google account open within the same browser. 

Say, for example, both your work and your personal email accounts are through Gmail. To access the two of them simultaneously you would have to use two different browsers. At one point I was rocking with Chrome for work and Safari or Firefox for personal. Chrome 16, released on Wednesday, eliminates the need for that work around. Or any other work around your more tech-savvy friends tried to put you on to. 

The feature, which first appeared in a Chrome Beta release in November, is even more valuable for those who use a bevy of Google products like Calendar, Docs, and Reader. All you have to do is configure your multiple accounts within Chrome and then pick which browser window will correspond to which account. A "User" menu will let you choose which account to you would like to use. 

Here, we'll let Google tell it: 

To try it out, go to Options (Preferences on Mac), click Personal Stuff, and click “Add new user.” A fresh instance of Chrome will open, ready to be customized with its own set of apps, bookmarks, extensions and other settings. A badge in the upper corner lets you know at a glance that this new Chrome browser belongs to you, and you can customize the name and badge as you like. Clicking this badge drops down a menu of all the users on that computer, so you can easily switch between them. In addition, each user can sign in to Chrome to access their own personalized Chrome across all their computers.

[via All Things D]