We're not co-signing any type of drug use, but if you're going to do a drug, don't do LSD. This Georgia couple tripped so hard that they ran around Snellvillle naked, until some drug induced hallucination forced them to seek refuge at home. Snellville police got word of the naked frolicking, and went to their home to investigate. Nicholas Modrich, the man of the house, answered the door wearing nothing but a smile. Believe it or not, the story gets even stranger from here.

As if the nudity wasn't a dead giveaway, police noticed that the couple was clearly under the influence of something. A brief run through of the house yielded a bong, weed and Gummi worms that were apparently used to ingest the LSD. Though no LSD was found, Modrich and Jamie Hughes admitted to taking the drug and giving some to their dog, Oscar, who had gone missing. Police searched for Oscar, and discovered the poor animal on a nearby road after being hit by a car.

Today, the world was treated to the sad news that Oscar had to be euthanized due to his injuries. If tests show that he was on LSD, Modrich and Hughes are looking at cruelty to animal charges on top of public indecency and drug possession. If they’ve come to the realization that they lost their dog permanently, we hope they regret their actions.

R.I.P Oscar, you deserved better owners.

[via Creative Loafing Atlanta]

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