WHERE: The Cabanas at The Maritime Hotel
WHEN: Friday, November 11, 2011

Myself, Greg Villanova (http://diasporarecords.com) and DJ Monk One ( http://waxpoetics.com) pictured with me here, took a sonic trip to the tropics on November 11th at Ritmo Melao. Strictly 12" and 7" vinyl beauties from Brazil, The French Antilles, Greater South America, Africa, and the percussive and funky world at large. In my humble opinion, these two guys are two of the most discerning and talented disc jockeys on the planet. We had an incredible musical night, and though we could've stood to have a few more bodies, we are most definitely breaking ground and pioneering in NYC with this party. It reminded me of the beginnings of Jump N Funk, before people found Fela to be as interesting as they find him now. I look forward to building this thing brick by brick, and expanding Jump N Funk's horizon's beyond Afrobeat and into the larger global soul forum in God's time. Thank you gentlemen, and thank you Cabanas, for having us and letting us bring this idea to life in your space.

Photo by Rameen Gasery (@thegoldengun