This fight is out of control. Regulos and Aedraxis form some ungodly physical union, little dragon-ettes chomp on everybody’s faces, while two-headed giants swing their fists in every direction. Basically, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. The Little Red Riding Hood analogy I was searching for earlier just might be faintly applicable: whatever Aedraxis was has been devoured by something much more vile, and even though there aren’t any woodsmen here to cut me out of the belly of a wolf, several non-player characters I’ve met along the way are now at my side, fighting the good fight. If it weren’t for them and the other players that joined this public quest, I would’ve died under this black cloud. The battle is hard won, and afterward I am summoned back into the heavens on a beam of golden light.

In my next journal, I return to the planet--twenty years later, apparently--to face an even greater threat: other players.