There might not be much in the way of artistic merit in Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy, but Industrial Light & Magic's computer generated Optimus Prime is one of the most intricate and detailed animated characters to ever be put on screen. Every nut, bolt, and gear is rendered to absolute perfection, while the character’s movements and mannerisms are about as close to a real Transformer as we’re ever going to get.

Primarily an action character, Optimus isn’t the most emotive CGI beast we’ve ever seen, but we would be lying if we said he wasn’t one of the most awe-inspiring. It also helps that Peter Cullen added some life to the character by reprising his role as the voice of Prime, which was integrated seamlessly into the CGI model’s performance.

There are certainly more difficult characters to create for CGI artists, but with the Transformers having such a hardcore fan base, the fact that the CGI version of Prime has been praised across the board is evidence enough of his quality.